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Welcome to the Crystal Kingdom Archives

Hi. David MacManus here, offering a glimpse into some of the records I've accumulated over the last thousand years or so. The humans I associate with are a fascinating bunch of people, and I think you'll be as fascinated with them as I am.

Demon Hunter's Journal: This is where it all started. If Dad hadn't been in Tokyo that day...

Pink Sugar Heart Attack: This record is, unfortunately, uncertain. It's based entirely on the recollections of Hotaru and Chibi-Usa, and you know how unreliable organic memories are.

Burning Hearts: This one's just as uncertain, but I have a feeling it's pretty close to what happened, given how close Usagi and Rei have been since. Dad says I should warn you that this record is very strongly lemon flavored.

Time Passages: We learned a lot about Setsuna, and even something new about Chibi-Usa.

Cooking with Makoto: Dad's gonna kill me, but I couldn't resist including this one. For those of you who don't know metric measurements, the oven temperature is 350ba;F. And both the chile and the cake recipes really do work. 

Aa! Megami Senshi!: Having visitors from another universe was weird. The universe one of Dad's favorite manga was based on was more weird. 

Beauty of Fire: Did you know Rei is an incredible singer? I suppose you do, if you've heard any of her albums. When she, Michiru, and Haruka were planning her first album, things got a little strange.

Forsaken Heart: Dad's death made Rev. Diamond's war extremely personal for all of us. I don't know how Mom survived.

Sailor V Saves the Day: I heard this vicious rumor Minako plans to name her first daughter Kei. If that's the case, this incident makes me worry....

Dear Ami: I've still got to come up with a suitable punishment for Dad and Edgar. And Setsuna. Mom deserved a whole lot better from all of them.

A Sword for the Heart: Haruka does a really good job of letting her insecurities mess up her life. Far too often, it seems. It's a good thing we all love her.

Death Reborn: We knew Chibi-Usa was coming home, and I think even Hotaru finally decided the wait was worth it.

Jackal's Heart: Alex helped us discover that we still haven't eradicated an injustice that dates back to the 20th Century.

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