Abuse and Domestic Violence

I'm sure everyone has heard or seen the claim that a woman is battered by her spouse every fifteen seconds. In fact, that claim is inaccurate. The National Family Violence Surveys, supported with funding by the Naational Institute of Mental Health, were reported in "Societal Change and Change in Family Violence form 1975 to 1985 as Revealed by Two National Surveys" Journal of Marriage and the Family 48 (August 1986), among other places. The information produced by those surveys show that a woman is severely assaulted by her husband every 17.5 seconds, and a man is severely assaulted by his wife every 15.7 seconds. How often have you ever seen the information about how men are assaulted?

Stop Abuse For Everyone
SAFE is a national organization that is dedicated to stopping abuse for everyone: men, women, straight, gay, adult, child, anyone who is affected by abuse. You can find links here to local and regional domestic violence organizations, information about the prevalence of domestic violence, and mailing lists that you can go to for understanding and support.
Battered Husbands Support
The Battered Husbands Support Yahoo Group is a mailing list and resource for all battered men, and anyone else who recognizes that battered men really do exist and need support just like any other abuse survivors.